Statewide Reports

The Fourth Assessment included, for the first time, the development of Statewide Reports covering critical topics for California. These summary reports include Climate Justice, Tribal and Indigenous Communities within California, and California’s Ocean and Coast. Finally, the Statewide Summary Report provides an overview of the findings and context for the entire Fourth Assessment.

Key Findings

California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment provides information to build resilience to climate impacts, including temperature, wildfire, water, sea level rise, and governance. Here you can view a snapshot of the key findings of the Fourth Assessment. For additional information, please download the Key Findings brochure, “Our Changing Climate 2018.”

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Statewide Summary Report

The Statewide Summary Report presents an overview of the main findings from California’s Fourth Climate Change Assessment, to translate the state of climate science into useful information for action. This report presents findings in the context of existing climate science, including strategies to adapt to climate impacts and key research gaps needed to spur additional progress on safeguarding California from climate change.

File Size: PDF 10.2 mb Report #: SUM-CCCA4-2018-013  |  Published: January 16, 2019

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California’s Ocean and Coast Summary Report

This report synthesizes current scientific understanding about the impacts of climate change on California’s coast and ocean and presents a forward looking summary of challenges and opportunities for the future.

File Size: PDF 12.7 mb Report #: SUM-CCCA4-2018-011  |  Published: August 27, 2018

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Summary Report from Tribal and Indigenous Communities within California

The inaugural Tribal and Indigenous Communities Report showcases tribes’ innovative strategies and actions to address climate change. The report defines key climate impacts at the nexus of tribal lands, histories, and current conditions, describes stressors that amplify climate impacts within tribal communities, and proposes overall recommendations for future Assessment(s).

File Size: PDF 13 mb Report #: SUM-CCCA4-2018-010  |  Published: September 28 2018

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Climate Justice Summary Report

This report aims to synthesize existing research and new research from the Fourth Assessment in the form of a literature review of climate justice as it relates to climate adaptation in California.

File Size: PDF 27.8 mb Report #: SUM-CCCA4-2018-012  |  Published: September 28, 2018

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